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Since 2003, our team of dedicated professionals has been providing excellent service and helping companies, like yours, save time and build revenue. By providing you with high-touch services aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction, you can focus on growing your business. We service businesses in Canada and the United States.

Our friendly and dedicated team of professionals have experience in:

  • Live Assistance Services
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  • Virtual Reception
  • Business Assistance Services

Whether you are looking for support with answering calls, event planning or book-keeping, eLiaise has the expertise to help you!

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“In 2020, with the goal of growing our company, I attended the Robin Robins seminar. One of the first lessons covered is that if you’re investing in Marketing, you need to have your front of house optimized. Meaning, if you’re working towards building your business, you need to present potential clients with live, friendly and efficient reception who are equipped to answer questions, and direct calls as needed. They need to separate the legitimate potential callers from fishing calls. One vendor caught my eye, eLiaise. We decided to engage eLiaise to field the high volume of marketing phone calls that were coming in. A service agreement was reached, a dedicated incoming phone number was created for marketing calls and the eLiaise team was on board. Immediately we noticed that we were able to focus on our business without constant interruptions and were able to prioritize our existing clients’ needs and also build our business. Hooray for eLiaise!!!”

Julio Lopez, CEO, IT for Education